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Leadership today

The school established by Pastor Eenok Haamer as the result of a vision from God and the inheritance of his father is being carried forward today by Eenok's youngest son, Pastor Siimon Haamer, who serves as Dean of TAT. One of the first graduates of TAT in 1998, Siimon continues to expand the work begun by his father. Eenok continues to serve as the spiritual leader of the school, as well as to teach various courses.


Pastor Ove Sander, Rector of the joint school, studied at the American Free Lutheran Seminary, located in Medicine Lake, Minneapolis.

Partners in U.S.

East European Missions Network (EEMN)

has worked in close partnership with TAT since our beginnings in 1992. Their support, together with the faith and vision of the leaders of TAT, has brought others from the USA to assist in prayer, teaching, and finances.


Bob and Patti Nordvall

continue through EEMN to serve as ambassadors for TAT and the Estonian Church, leading short term mission teams and partnering with pastors and church workers in Estonia. Together Bob and Patti visit congregations in the USA bringing encouragement, inspiration, and support for missions while sharing Eenok Haamer's vision for TAT and the building up of the Estonian Church.



Ujula 1A

Tartu 51008



Cell: +372 515 9127

Email: siimon.haamer(at)teoloogia.ee

Pastor Bob Nordvall

TAT representative in U.S.

National Field Coordinator of

East European Missions Network


cell: +1 701-391-0182

Skype: pastorbobnordvall

email: pastorbob(at)eemn.org

Pastor Siimon Haamer

Dean of Tartu Academy of Theology



cell: +372 515-9127

Skype: siimon7

email: siimon.haamer(at)teoloogia.ee