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Facility plans for the Academy–Home of Hope


We tell you our story. Our first attempt to get a home for the Academy started in 1994. We were planning to renovate one old building in the city centrum as we had some hope to receive funds for this. We even put a plaque on the house wall July 4th, 2015 with the words, Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain (Psalm 127:1). Hope was alive through several years, but we didn't get funds and we lost that perspective. The plaque stayed there for 17 years and people derided our trust in God, as the building decayed. During that same time, we investigated some other facility projects but they also didn't work out for us.


6 years ago, we gave up making any more plans and left our facility dreams to be guided only by God. The plaque with God's word was taken down from the building, by the realtor, as the house was renovated into a commercial apartment building. Now this plaque is in our office and is awaiting a new place where we can hang it because we know that God is building that house at the right time and in a mysterious way. And when the time is right He will guide us on that path. This is what we feel now: God is leading us and we just have to follow His guidance and take action.


Current Financial Situation


First quarter of 2018 has not been bringing us out from a shortfall yet. As of April 10th we had a deficit of $12,000 USD. As we are starting now with a very serious task hoping to get funds for our facility project, we still hope very much that our regular income to cover our daily activities wont be decreasing. Our sincere appeal is not for you to substitute current giving with funding for the facility project because at the same time we have to continue our everyday work that building would be in a good use in the future.



Our Generous Supporters in 2017


In this special issue of our newsletter, we are publishing the names of people and organizations who have supported TAT during 2017. Some people have donated anonymously and many through collections, so we may not know their names, but we are deeply grateful for all of you.


We have a long-term mission that needs committed workers for present and future generations. Our task is to raise a new generation of church leaders to guarantee continuity of this mission work among Estonians. We are still strongly influenced by 50 years of Soviet occupation, a time when Christianity was truly oppressed. We really need prayers and support from our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world.


Financial Overview and Projections


Contributions during December of 2017 helped us to meet almost all our financial commitments. Yet, we finished the year with a shortfall of $6,671 USD. This deficit was carried over into 2018.


Expenses have not been increased for 2018 but because of changes in the US Dollar exchange rate during the last few months it is necessary for us to recalculate with 1 USD = 0.76 EUR instead of 1 USD = 0.80 EUR.


During the last years there has been a decreased proportion of US gifts in our budget and we hope and are attempting to keep that process moving.


TAT Match Fund ended. New matching opportunities are available.




December News

2017 annual budget of TAT $ 219,294 USD

$ 163,225 USD


$ 56,069 USD to go

TAT financial update on November 30th, 2017






Are We Confessing Our Membership in God’s Kingdom?

Pastor Siimon Haamer, dean


I forgot to report on our fall admissions in the September newsletter. We are again thankful to God. This year, 28 new students started their studies: 18 Bachelor, 7 Master and 3 Church Musician students.


In the beginning of October I again had a chance to visit the US for two special reasons: on the evening of October 9th we had the first Friends of Estonia Summit at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Excelsior MN, and the next day I was one of the keynote panel speakers at the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) Annual Gathering in Minneapolis.




This Autumn we have a great deficit again. We need $56,039 USD to meet our annual budget needs for 2017. At the same time, we are of course very happy and grateful for God's blessing. We have so many good friends who share in the importance of our mission.


If you are able, please consider sending an extra gift of support to Tartu Academy of Theology before December 31, 2017.


Student Voices: Volli


I have been involved with church since 1992 when I was baptized after catechesis and I became a member of the church. For a long time, I was the coordinator of the ALPHA course and a board member in my church. Due to changes in my life I became a member of Nõmme Rahu Congregation of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tallinn, the capital city. It was there that I decided to study theology as I saw my calling to serve the Lutheran church in becoming a clergyman.

Summit–Result of a Good Partnership

Linda Saveraid

Member of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Foundation board


Over the past several years Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Foundation from Excelsior, Minnesota, has presented grants to the Tartu Academy of Theology in Estonia.  We are excited about the work the Academy is doing and the progress it has made since our first hearing of it.


Siimon Haamer visited Minneapolis last May and stopped by for a brief visit to update us on what is happening. Financial struggles continue to plague the mission and after a conversation we discussed having a first ever Summit of churches in the United States who lend support to Estonia.



Christmas Greetings

Pastor Eenok Haamer, president


Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. Habakkuk 3:18


My heart rejoices about all good things that God has done and will do for us every day. Especially before Christmas we want to notice and recognize all the good that He has done.


Our treasure is Jesus Christ. Without Him we can’t understand all of God’s mercies. Jesus is teaching us to see other people around us. He is opening our eyes to see outwards beyond of our home and loved ones.


Pastor Bob Nordvall

TAT representative in U.S.

National Field Coordinator of

East European Missions Network


cell: +1 701-391-0182

Skype: pastorbobnordvall

email: pastorbob(at)

Pastor Siimon Haamer

Dean of Tartu Academy of Theology



cell: +372 515-9127

Skype: siimon7

email: siimon.haamer(at)